"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul"   -  Mark 8:36

Veteran's AC & Heating is dedicated to providing you with high quality service at a fair and reasonable rate.  Our rates are subject to change as the market dictates.  Unfortunately we are unable to control the prices from the manufacturers and suppliers, but we try our best to keep prices affordable.
We charge $72 for a residential service call & diagnostic, in our service area, during normal business hours.  Be aware that some companies advertise "free" or extremely low service call rates to get their salesmen to your home.  If you choose to allow them to come to your home and they give you a quote for an expensive repair or tell you that it needs to be replaced, take advantage of a second opinion from us!  We do not use high pressure sales tactics or try to sell you something that is not necessary.  Our second opinion my save you thousands of dollars!
Below is a brief introduction to the types of services we offer at Veteran's AC & Heating:
Preventive Maintenance - Having your air conditioning and heating equipment serviced annually is the best way to insure that your equipment is running properly.  Even if the equipment is brand new it should be checked and serviced annually, because even though the equipment may be high quality it is still a mechanical or electrical piece of equipment and can break.  Power surges in the power grid, rodents chewing on wires, birds nesting in the flue pipe, dirt or debris caught in the condenser are just a few things that can hinder the proper operation of the equipment.
Caught early enough through preventive maintenance, small repairs or simple adjustments could save you the heartache of costly repairs or catastrophic failure of the system.
Repairing or Restoring broken equipment - Can't afford to replace your existing equipment?  Not a problem!  Our technicians are dedicated and very knowledgeable in diagnising and repairing older equipment as well as the latest in technology and equipment.  Once we make the diagnosis we will write the repair and cost of repair on an invoice and give you the opportunity to accept or decline the repair.  We are not the type of company that writes a quote and then after doing the repairs asks for more money.  We always use the highest quality parts and give you the option to use high quality generic parts or investing in the more expensive original factory parts.
New Equipment and Replacement Units -  Shopping for new equipment can be a lot of work.  Getting estimates on new equipment and installation can be long and cumbersome, but it is a necessary chore that can give you the opportunity to compare contractors, equipment, and pricing.
Although we feel that our pricing and equipment is very competitive in the market place, we encourage our customers to get other estimates and compare them to other companies.  After all, air conditioning and heating equipment is one of the most expensive appliances in your home.
Quality Service at a Fair Price
One of the most destructive, yet easy to solve air conditioning issues, is the dirty coil. 

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